Welcome to my personal personal website!

My primary research interest is in analysis and modeling of human consciousness as captured by high-dimensional EEG, MEG and other imaging modalities. I am the originator of the widely used EEGLAB signal processing environment for MATLAB, in collaboration with Scott Makeig, and I continue to develop new tools and signal processing methods to process EEG data.

As a meditator, I have always been interested in human consciousness. Experimental brain imaging analysis approaches I have pioneered include looking at mental state previously thought to be so private that they would evade the scientific method such as mind wandering during meditation.

During my thesis, I also pioneered artificial intelligence concept using biologically plausible neural network. I designed unsupervised learning rules in connectionist neural networks based on spike timing dependent plasticity, that were able to learn image features automatically.

You may contact me at arnodelorme@gmail.com