The EEGLAB software

In connection with my post-doctoral position at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in 2000, I conducted research that required the collection and analysis of EEG data. As the analysis methods I wanted to use were not accessible through commercially available software, I developed improved methods and software for processing my own EEG data. Recognizing that the challenges and limitations I faced were also limitations to expanding research programs of other researchers in my field, I made these tools available over the internet as a freely available toolbox for Matlab called the “EEGLAB toolbox.” Subsequently, I partnered with Dr. Scott Makeig of the Salk Institute, to incorporate his processing tools into EEGLAB to form a more robust and expanded version of the software. A survey conducted in 2011 concluded that EEGLAB was be the most popular software to process EEG data by a wide margin.

I also wrote most of the extensive EEGLAB tutorial and I organize the scientific programs of all EEGLAB workshop worldwide. The EEGLAB reference article was cited more than 3500 times [1]. If you have questions about EEGLAB, please email To reach the official EEGLAB site, go here.

[1] Delorme, A., Makeig, S. (2004) EEGLAB: an open source toolbox for analysis of single-trial EEG dynamics including independent component analysis. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 134(1), 9-21. PDF, Pubmed abstract. EEGLAB site.